"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln.
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master." (George Washington)"

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To All:

"It was and always will be a sad but a triumphant day in American History. June 6th, 1944, the turning point in the war for Freedom, we sent tens of thousands into the valley of death to free a country and a nation. On that one day, we as a Nation lost over 6,000.

 This was one day!

 My God! How much blood do we have to spend to secure the world?

 Today we are freeing other Nations, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Will we continue until there are no more of us to do the job?

This is what a Christian Nations does. We will sacrifice, we will die, and we will give all for you.

It will be up to you to make the best of it.

We do not want your land, your country or your religion.

We do not expect you to accept our religion and we will not accept your religion. If your religion mandates that you take control of this nation and its beliefs and its Christian foundation based on our religion, than your religion does not worship God. It worships satin! The evil one!

You have a right to practice your religion on our soil, but it is not and will never be the means to use your religion to control this Nation. Should we find that you are, you have left us with only one choice as a people, as a Christian Nation? Extermination!  

That my friend, is up to you? Obey our laws under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or become our enemy. Once you go down that path everything you represent, will become fare game.

I know we have all been or should have been taught that our Nation is founded on Christian principles and our history will prove that as fact!

Yet, we have forgotten about our own homeland and the leaders that do not understand this country and its true meaning.

Our current representatives in Congress and the Senate and all of the main stream media, are puppets on strings. They can't wait too slobber all over this administration and its conspirators.

 I hope they pay first!

 "They are bringing this country down below the crust of the very soil that our founders fought and bleed for, the very meaning of faith, liberty, justice, and the right to prosper in this great land."

They will if they continue to support such a monstrous representation of what this country is all about. While they are buoying down to this administration and its conspirators, they have lost sight of their true meaning and the oath they took.

The main stream media are jokes with no throats because they are afraid and timid. They are sissies and they are afraid. They need to do their job as reporters. Report the news. Tell the truth! Be a real reporter!

If just once they would actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and studied it, they might understand the meaning!

I could teach a pre-schooled child more about the Constitution in just a few hours than our current government leaders and the current main stream media know. What a sad day for America. They do not care; it is all about power and control. Spread the wealth, bring down the people, then they will submit.

We should never be a people willing to submit!

We own this country and this government. It is ours. It does not belong to the Senate, the Congress or the President. When they have lost their way, it will up to the people.

Are you the people?

God Help us!

When the last shell is spent and you are looking into the eyes of death, when you can see the bayonet ready to strike or the knife ready to slash your throat, what will be your thoughts?

If that time comes, the people of this country that truly belief in the this country and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have to fight to preserve it and when the day is done, the current representatives should be prosecuted, the current administration, the Congress and the Senate for treason.

"I can only say, if we as Americans do not get it during this time, will we ever get it! This country and its true meaning will be forever lost."

Have we been saying for a long time: "God we do not need you anymore?  Thanks for trying. See you on the other side. (Maybe)"

 I hope not!

Everyone needs to get involved while there is still time, if you care?

I still believe, do you?"" Terry Bettis 6/7/09

"Would you be ready to make the same sacrifice for your neighbor, your family or most important, YOU'RE COUNTRY? I know it would be a tough call but you would do it because if you don't you will live in tyranny, oppression, and destruction." Terry Bettis 4/1/2009.

      "Our current President: President Barack Hussein Obama has said on foreign soil, "We are not a Christian Nation based on Christian values.""

"Well, why would every state in the union acknowledge this in their preamble?  Take a look.

I have picked out a few states and their history for you to read and maybe you will want to know more about the other states?  I hope so.  There have been so many trials and tribulations over the years and decades that we sometimes forget the true meaning and sacrifice of so many."

Terry Bettis May 01, 2009

I will make this one statement.


We have a problem with this government and have for a long time.


The founders new this would happen, that is why they wrote the documents the way they did.


But because of the educational system removing God from everything in the system, it was distorted and perverse.


It was all about the government controlling them and us.


Know it is here.


A government out of control!


Spend, spend, spend. The only problem with that is: The people will have to foot the bill and they (the government do not care!).


The government does not care and never will!!


Read the seven steps:


Seven Steps:

1. 10th Amendment Affirmation,
2. 2nd Amendment affirmation,
3. Kick the feds out the state?s business, no more mandates,
4. Shut down the Feds by cutting off 97% of fed funding by repeal of the 16th Amendment,
5. Repeal of the 17th amendment,
6. Cleaning house in Washington,
7. Vote against the cap and trade and the health care bills



When they signed the Mayflower Compact, according to William Bradford, "They came to the harbor, Compassed, being glad they were leaving the sea. They could see the pine trees and others and smell the fragrance therein.Years later, they Blessed the God of heaven, who had brought them over the ocean and a sea of trouble. "Let them, therefore, praise the Lord, for he is good and His mercies endure forever." (Quoted from the Geneva Bible used by the Pilgrims.)"

Abraham Lincoln said this:

"All the good from the Saviour of the world is communicated through this book; but for the Book we could not know right from wrong. All the things desirable to man are contained in it."

John Quincy Adams said this:

"The first and almost the only Book  deserving of universal attention is the Bible".

That my friends is where we are!

We have done great things over the years, we have paid the taxes regulated by the feds, we have gave of our self's so others could have a better life, we have done enough. All that we have has not help anyone. It has only filled to the government's pocket's.

It is time for the government to release the people of this great land!

It is time for the government to release the education system!

It is time for the government to dissolve the tax code!

It is time for the people to stand up and tell this government we don't what to do it anymore!!

God Blessed this Great Land, I pray he will do it once again? It is in his hands today.

By: Terry W. Bettis 8/4/2009

"This is very well what the tea parties were all about. I would say that we have finally taken the first step and by far will not be the last. This is the beginning." Terry 4/15/2009

"We have a border problem!  If we do not guard the borders then we are open for whatever is dealt to us as a Nation and a people!"

'It will be up to us to take the stand, for our country, (while the leaders will sit back), when the blood, sweat and tears have been spent, the grieving grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, children and grandchildren are digging the graves. When they have dug and filled them with the bodies of the Patriots and the cold hard earth is poured upon them with little respect, (they will take the credit).  I find this despicable!  However, it has always been the true believer in this country that will take and make the final sacrifice to defend it. I think that before we make that stand we should make sure they understand that it is not for them, their family and their lack of understanding of the Constitution. It is about our county."

"God, not Muhammad, Blessed this Nation."

Terry Bettis 5/8/2009

"I can only say as a Texan, The men and women that stood up for their rights and our rights and won, and now we are letting it go into the breath of a government  that does not care and will never care because they do not understand the sacrifice. Are we just going to let it happen? Are we just going to sit on the side lines? Or, are we going to stand up and be like our founders and make the sacrifice. To those many that have fallen before us. Are we going to forget them?  I hope not! The Founders fought the battles before us, Texas fought their battles. And know we must fight the next. This is a thought that we all have to be ready for. Are you ready to fight the next battle"?  Terry W. Bettis. May 01st, 2009