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How our Life Changed Forever - The Diary of Billie Bettis

"I don't know why I feel such an urgency to write all of this on paper. Maybe I'm afraid I'll forget, or maybe if I put it on paper it will get it out of my mind?.. more to come.. Billie

Thursday Jan, 31, 1985. I stayed in all day. It has been so
cold outside and it snows once in a while. I have tried to keep my spirits up but it has not been easy......"

It is with great pride that I will post this evening 1/20/2012 something my wife did a few years back. Here is a taste of the story in brief by:
Paul and Carol Freemon:

"The diary of Billie Bettis is supremely surprising. When we read her Diary, chronicling the events at the time, we were shocked that this story was never revealed over the years since we have known them. Her diary sat idle for years in a trunk and with it her heart, feelings and emotions. The dust covered spiral notebook never known nor revealed to anyone, until her husband ,Terry, discovered it and sent us a copy to read. What was revealed inside will be alarming and eye opening for all readers. Wife Carole and I have known Billie and her husband, Terry, for more than a two generations. We count Billie as a wonderful friend, but never figured this 95 pound swizzle stick of a woman to be a tower of strength. Her extraordinary strength and commitment to GOD shines through in her discovered Diary."

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